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Now Hiring – Full-Time Financial Counseling

Now Hiring: Full-Time Financial Counseling.

Job Requirements:

    • A high school graduate with previous billing or insurance is preferred.
    • Previous customer service is required.
    • Previous computer experience required.

Job Duties:

    • Verifies insurance eligibility and benefits on all Inpatient and Swing Bed patients and initiates authorization with the insurance companies if required.
    • Maintains report of patients in the hospital with insurance information so medical personnel will know if the patient is eligible for the swing bed program.
    • Conducts financial screening interviews, fulfilling responsibility for the collection and/or development of a payment plan for the out-of-pocket portion of patient account with a professional attitude.
    • Reviews discrepancies in self-pay and bad debt accounts with patients in person and over the phone.
    • Takes payments from patients and applies to accounts in person and over the phone. Transfers account to bad debt and work with a collection agency to maintain the accounts.
    • Assists with the registration of patients as back up to registration clerk.Other job duties as assigned.

Apply online here or apply in person at:

1206 Gordon Duckworth Drive
Piggott, AR 72454