Infusion Center Nurse Earns Oncology Nursing Certification

Piggott Community Hospital’s Kim Cannon, RN, recently earned her oncology nursing certification through the Oncology Nursing Society.  She is now an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN).

An Oncology Certified Nurse is a specialist in the cancer care field that provides support for patients undergoing cancer treatments.  Kim Cannon is the first nurse at Piggott Community Hospital to achieve this specialization.

To earn this advanced certification, Cannon proved her knowledge of cancer care by passing the Oncology Nursing Certification exam.  To qualify to take the exam, Cannon had to meet the eligibility requirements of a minimum of 1,000 hours of oncology nursing care practice.

“I appreciate Kim Cannon’s initiative on obtaining this certification and proud to have her on the team,” says Tonny Dement, APRN, Director of Clinical Services at Piggott Community Hospital.

Cannon earned her nursing degree from Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing in 1999 and has been a registered nurse in the infusion department with Piggott Community Hospital since July 2018.  Previously she was the Director of Case Management at Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center in Kennett, MO.   She has held various other RN roles at Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center, including Infusion, Med-Surg, and Surgery.

“In working to acquire this certification I have greatly expanded my knowledge in providing quality cancer care,” says Cannon.  “It is our job at Piggott Community Hospital to offer the best health care possible to our patients and this certification enhances my ability to do that.  I want people that don’t feel up to or don’t have the means to travel for treatments to have the capability of getting the same treatment options right here at home.”

The Infusion Center at Piggott Community Hospital currently offers infusion therapy in a convenient outpatient setting, for the management and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses.  Conditions treated include anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, immune deficiency, ALS, dehydration, and many more.  The infusion center offers blood infusions, IV antibiotics, IV fluids, iron infusions, injections, and more.

Piggott Community Hospital is currently looking into expanding the infusion center to include oncology services.  “Having the ability to provide oncology services at PCH is beneficial and convenient for those who are having to travel outside of the community to receive these oncology services.  PCH is always looking for ways to expand healthcare services offered to provide the best healthcare for the rural community,” says James Magee, Executive Director of Piggott Community Hospital.

For more information about Piggott Community Hospital and the services offered, please visit or call (870) 598-3881.  For more information on Infusion Services offered at Piggott Community Hospital call the Infusion Center directly at (870) 598-8345.


Photo includes: Kim Cannon, RN, PCH Infusion Nurse; JT Dewitt, DO, PCH Infusion Center Medical Director