Piggott Community Hospital Acquires Canon’s Latest Ct Dose Reduction Technology For Safer Patient Exams

AIDR 3D Software Helps Reduce Radiation Dose and Improve Image Quality to make CT exams as safe and accurate as possible for its patients.  Piggott Community Hospital has acquired Canon Medical Systems’ Aquilion Lightning 80 Roll Detector Bariatric CT Scanner with Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D (AIDR 3D), the company’s newest dose reduction technology.

“Canon’s AIDR 3D reduces radiation dose, enabling safer CT exams for patients, while maintaining the image quality needed for diagnoses,” explained James Magee, Executive Director of Piggott Community Hospital. “Combining Canon’s AIDR 3D software with the Aquilion Lightning 660 lb. table capacity and large Gantry opening helps our facility provide the best possible patient care.”

AIDR 3D is Toshiba’s fourth-generation iterative dose reconstruction software that incorporates significant system enhancements by reducing radiation dose compared with conventional scanning. It is a sophisticated algorithm designed to work in both the raw data and image data space, reducing noise while attempting to maintain image quality.

“AIDR 3D is another example of Canon’s commitment to developing advanced dose reduction technologies to improve imaging and patient safety,” said Tim Nicholson, senior manager, Market Development, CT Business Unit, Toshiba. “With AIDR 3D, healthcare providers like Piggott Community Hospital, can offer safer exams for their patients.”