Freddie Tate and Lynette Cale

Piggott Man Remembers “Everything” About Stroke, Including Caregivers’ Kindness

By Benjamin Waldrum


“I spent four years in the Air Force and we had all kinds of helicopters, but I’d never been on a helicopter ride before,” Tate said.

That day Tate, a father of four, woke from a nap and knew something was wrong. As a former assistant plant manager of a large factory, he was required to take a course in emergency first aid. Thanks to that course, he learned the signs of stroke: weakness or numbness on one side of the body, difficulty speaking or seeing, movement problems and loss of balance.

“From that [course], I knew when I had the stroke,” Tate said. “I got up, and I put my foot on the floor, and it wouldn’t hold up. Then I felt funny, and I put my hand [on the left side of my face], and I’m all [droopy] on the side of my head. I told my wife, ‘I’m having a stroke, we’ve got to call a doctor.’”

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