PCH is now
Piggott Health System

PCH is now Piggott Health System

After years of expanding Piggott Community Hospital’s service offerings to include primary care clinics, home health offices and medical equipment retail locations, hospital executive director James Magee announced the recent formation of Piggott Health System..

“We’ve operated as a broad health system for patients in Piggott and surrounding communities for a while now,” Magee said. “Our board decided it was time to make it official with the creation of Piggott Health System.”

The new health system has its own brand identity, with a new logo and a new website, which can be viewed at www.PiggottHealthSystem.com. The site is organized to provide more comprehensive information to visitors on all the health system components.

The flagship entity beneath the Piggott Health System umbrella is the hospital, which serves patients with a wide range of hospital-based services, including a 24/7 trauma center emergency room and in-house ambulance and medical transportation.

The hospital medical staff has grown to include a number of physician specialists who travel to Piggott for appointments and consults so local patients don’t have to drive to larger cities. In addition, the hospital has invested in advanced telehealth equipment and its telemedicine offerings now include telecardiology, teledermatology, telepsychiatry, telepulmonology, telestroke and telesleep services.

“It saves families gas money, the trips, maybe staying overnight, when they can do things here,” said board member and longtime resident Barry DeHart.

Piggott Health System’s other divisions include two primary care clinics in Rector and Campbell MO, a specialty therapy clinic, a pain management clinic and an intensive outpatient psychotherapy clinic, all in Piggott. The system also includes four home health locations in Piggott, Rector, Corning and Campbell MO, plus HomeCare Medical Equipment retail locations in Piggott and Corning.

“All these various entities working together under one system of care with a singular vision to provide high quality, compassionate healing is a strength for all our patients,” Magee said. “We are proud of what we do and proud of the support we get from our community.”

Magee said there will be no change in the way patients’ insurance is processed in the transition to a health system and that patients will notice very little change in the normal operations of the facility and clinics.